Removing Barriers.

There is a saying out there and it goes "good fences make for good neighbors."

I'm still reading through the list of trade sanctions imposed on Iran because of it's nuclear ambitions against Zionism.

It's especially interesting reading in the energy complex. The statistics aren't in front of me, but this morning I think it read that Iran can comfortably pump at "least 220,000 barrels a day" onto the world's market for crude oil. Think West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil selling for $35.50 a barrel. This is a bit better than $97.00 a barrel.

Do fences make for good neighbors? The Proposed "Iran Deal" will bring more petroleum onto the market. What will Reps. Guinta and Kuster say to this?

Previously, Rep. Frank Guinta has made statements against this "Iran Deal." I'm confident Rep. Annie Kuster will do as she is told and vote against it.

Guess in New Hampshire we'll have to accept rising energy prices because our elected officials won't do anything to take down the walls.