Those Three Kings

"Finally, you explain, since the loan capital is international we cannot fight it nationally, otherwise the international world would shut us off. These are the consequences of relying on international solidarity." (Loud applause).

-Adolph Hitler 1920 speech,"Why We Are Antisemites."

In New Hampshire there are now two political economies. The first is created by Gov. Maggie Hassan is called an, "innovation economy" that relies upon spending, debt and ultimately bondage to create it's largely undefined goals. (Bondage Always Has A Goal)....

The second and more recent is created and led by Sens. Morse, Forrester and Bradley which also undefined relies upon a $90 million dollar business tax cut that essentially leads to the same place as an "innovation economy."

Yesterday, I went to one of the starting places of my political career, the parking lot at the Hitchner Manufacturing in Littleton, NH. I used to go to 0600 shift change and pass out political materials, not only for my own campaign but for other political campaigns. It was a vibrant place some 300 workers had good paying jobs building higher end metallurgical steel items like rocker arms for BMW cars. The future was moving forward.

Today all this is gone.300 Good Jobs Gone. The Older Building Was Once A Shoe Factory. I Don't Believe The State Did Anything To Keep These Jobs Here.

I don't think the state did a single thing to keep these jobs. They are all gone.

Has the international world shut us off? I say it has, and the politicians like Hassan, Morse,Forrester and Bradley and the state bureaucrats that serve them could care less. I think on Monday or Tuesday I'm going to contact the Div. of Economic Development at DRED and ask them what they have to say about 300 lost jobs in Littleton. This will likely be a waste of time.

There are consequences in relying on international solidarity.