Losing The Battle.

An important part of politics is the fact that alot of battles are to be lost.

Yesterday, I had reported that I'd sent in a 'letter to the Editor' critical of both the newspaper and it's policies. I was close in my assumption of what was going to happen.

It's going to letter A. 

Not published- no reason given.

I'm not a subscriber to conspiracy theories some examples include: "the Government is trying to take the guns away."But after this experience I'm now starting to think and/or believe that censorship and government control of the mass media is definitely present. I'll put it more as a direct influence, but it's there.

I'm still moving on from this. Right now I'm attempting to contact the Business Finance Authority with some question(s) related to transparency in state loan guarantee applications, and exactly how much information will be released relative to the Balsam's Capital LLC. proposed $28 million dollar state loan guarantee.

Beyond this I'm going to try and find a consumer rating agency, like JD Powers (consumer goods) that rates and critiques newspapers.

I have some things to say about the Caledonian Record newspaper and it's staff.