Market And Political Forecasts.

It's a slow blog day, but I'm sitting awaiting the Energy Information Administration 10:30am storage report for Natural Gas. It's a barometer of where the futures prices may go. One analysts report that I've read said that 86Mbtu in storage is expected while numbers below this would spark a rally and numbers higher than this push prices lower than they are now-- which is fairly low at about 2.685Mbtu. Will LNG Go Up Or Down? I'll predict at storage report at 80 and this market breaks 3.000 and moves higher, incrementally

This is straightforward supply and demand. With demand more or less constant less available supply means prices have to go higher.

Politics does not seem to work like this.

It's more like a reality tv show and ratings that are used to sell advertisements like the ads Sen. Marco Rubio is now reportedly purchasing from WMUR. I wonder if he is purchasing these ads or this is a "third party" that can re-sell these to a campaign that is willing to really fork it out for those time slots? My guess is the later.

That is supply and demand too.