Carroll County Implosion.

It's interesting to see how the news media "reacts" to things that happen with a political overtone, or even a political undertone. They never do anything beyond creating a tabloid headline, which makes sense as this is what really sells.

Yesterday, at work I quickly crunched some numbers after hearing after hearing that most of the assistant county attorneys "had quit." It's not difficult to see why this is, and also answers my longstanding question as to why many county attorneys have such a low score in conviction rates, or, percentage of winning cases.

Assuming the base pay rate of $46,000.00 a year an assistant county attorney is basically working for $18.00 an hour not including benefits.

What does a defense attorney work for? The ones I know are working for $125.00-$150.00 an hour and this is in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. The rates are higher in central New Hampshire.

What is even more interesting in Carroll County is the statement that "audits haven't been done in years."

Where is the Carroll County Delegation?