No Takers. But the NHGOP is Still Wrong.

Yesterday there was an interesting headline across the AP newswire. Iran has released its specifications for the sale of oil (assuming this nuclear pact passes).

The report said, "there was no interest by the oil companies."  Something is going on. It's true that the price of oil traded on the NYMEX is down substantially from last year, or even several months. But 260,000 barrels a day is still something to consider.

It will sell.No Takers For Iranian Oil? Something Is Going On. It will sell.

Speaking of the Iran "deal." If there were any reason(s) how and why the NH GOP is continuing to fail in New Hampshire, it's stance on this "deal" would be an example. Several days ago Pat Buchannan had a very good editorial where he talks about this "deal" and why the United States needs to get this done. This is regardless of Israeli and it's lobbying before the U.S. Congress to derail it.

The NHGOP wants to derail it as well. What bothers me the most is that Jennifer Horn attacks Gov. Hassan and yet offers neither and alternative or even an understanding of the consequences if this "deal" fails to pass. Horn offers nothing.

It's not difficult to see why this is a state political party that is not going anywhere.