A Devalued Life

It's amazing, at least to me how subdued everything is towards recent events in China.

Trillions of dollars in economic value go to zero with reverberations all over the world including New Hampshire, and nothing is being said.Chinese Currency Devaluation Impacts The World And New Hampshire

I'm reading a good book, "By All Means Necessary"about China and this currency devaluation fits in with what this country is, and it's history. China hasn't done well in dealing with foreign influences whether this is England the United States and even it's next door neighbor, Russia. China is a country that finds itself at a crossroads in global based trade, but often manipulated and somewhat controlled by this very trade. Currency manipulation (FX) is just one example of how this works.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. If China moves to increase tariffs on both imports and exports; this means a return to isolation which is what China historically does when things go bad. However, it may not be that easy for China to leave a "bad situation." This would be a direct violation of existing trade agreements such as NAFTA,GATT,WTO and the implemented TPP.

"Countries that make themselves relevant do better than those that do not."- President George H.W. Bush.