To Learn About It.

It is a slow blog day, but I've got a few projects going on!

In the past I've written about the decline and fall of the paper mills and industry in northern New Hampshire, and what I believe is the failure of the politicians and state policymakers including DRED to do anything about it.

It is what it is. I really dislike this expression, but this is the best way to describe this.

Up in Trois Rivieres, Quebec there is a museum dealing with papermaking and upon reading of this new place (it's in a closed papermill); made me realize that I've never really been inside of a paper-mill or seen first hand it's operations. When the Groveton mill was open and running I spent some time there and near there but was never physically inside as it operation(s) were moving from raw pulp to the finished paper goods.I've Written About The Decline And Fall Of Papermaking In New Hampshire.

The Trois Rivieres museum looks interesting, to not only learn about this but perhaps to hear from their perspective why this mill closed. I wonder what the politicians and policymakers in Canada did when this mill announced it's closure and the loss of jobs?  

All politicians are the same regardless of the country they are from.