To Quit And Move Forward.

Last night I made a very strategic decision that will affect my future. Yesterday, I got my yearly performance evaluation from my employment at the retail salt mine in the central part of New Hampshire. I've been employed there nine years. It was a good performance evaluation, I got a percentage based raise and a week's paid vacation.

Some people would be happy with this but I'm not. I'm not happy with my job at all. This probally would have been the time to say something to the manager, but I know this would have almost pointless. This is a major disadvantage of working for a large corporation. Statistics and numbers are the same thing. People don't matter. ideas don't matter. Concerns don't matter. I've heard the following, "being used like a tool."

Did I say that I've been there nine years.

In any case I've made the decision to give my notice and quit my job. Sometimes it can be a challenge to leave the safety and security of what is known including things like a paycheck, benefits and accrued vacation time.

It's time to go. Sort of like politics. The shelf life of a politician is only so long and then it becomes: "time for a change." and I've been there too. I'm glad that I was voted out as a State Representative in Grafton District #1. I look at the work some of the incumbent state reps. are doing and it is much better than anything that I would or could have accomplished. It was time for a change.

So I'm going to quit. Who knows where I'll end up. Maybe I might end up driving a shiny 2016 Subaru WRX to an old paper-mill in eastern Canada and write about it here on!!!