Ex-Im Rabbit Path.

From what I'm reading the U.S. Congress is now delaying,filibustering or doing whatever to not have a vote on reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank.

I've done what I can to research this issue, and I can't locate anything of substance that this bank has done for New Hampshire or even the Northeast. That is unless, you're connected to politics and then the situation changes.

I think the corporate motto of the Ex-Im Bank should be the "Bank of Preference." because to me that is exactly what this bank is.

Former Congreesman Dick Swett wrote an Editorial in support of this bank and all that it supposedly does, including New Hampshire. I don't agree, not that my position(s) even matter but the fact and question still remains as to what this bank actually does?

Preference is a reality in life. Those with political connections are going to do better than those that do not. But if this is done at direct taxpayer expense the concern can only be compounded.

Please contact your member of Congress on this upcoming vote.