Power Of Retreat.

Well, I finally did it.

I resigned my position of 8 3/4 years at the retail saltmine. I'm leaving behind a decent weekly paycheck, benefits, paid vacation and personal time in addition to many quality individuals that I've met in my time there. This was a decision that needed to be made and I made it. My last day is at the end of September, the 24th I think.

I feel very similar to how I felt on that fall day in September 1998 when I lost my primary for re-election to the NH House. It was a decision that needed to be made and the voters made it. Actually, the voters made the right decision because fast forward to 2015 and consider some of the quality leadership that we have here in Grafton County-- and all of a higher caliber than anything I could have delivered.There Comes A Time When The Battles Simply Can't Won. It's Leadership To Order A Retreat.

It's too bad the voters in this state can't do a better job with some of the other political races, and some major positions too such as state senate and county attorney. But let's move on....

Guess to me it's sort of like fighting a battle. There comes a time when it's clear that the battle can't be won and any chances of the "situation improving" are slim to none. It just isn't going to happen. There are lots of dynamics and strategy as to why the situation can't improve but it can't improve.

It's leadership to order a retreat, or, if surrounded order a breakout.

During my last or second term in the NH House I think one word could describe how the whole operation ran, and this word is petty. A close second to this would be small minded. Just some of the things I saw, especially some of the turf attitudes of the leadership made me say, "why am I even here?"

I'm sure this same environment exists today, even worse, we have Facebook!!!!!

So I'm starting a new adventure(s), I've got a few realistic ideas, even a few ideas that involve politics and it should be an interesting ride.

Thanks for reading my blogs.