The Good Vermont Life.

I'm thinking about going down to Brattleboro, Vermont area to play in a small, affordable chess tournament. Chess is somewhat like politics depending at what level that your at it turns into a money game.

For example I've seen tournaments in Boston where the entry fee is $350.00 and the three top finishers and leave with between $7,500.00 and $2,500.00 and it goes on up from there. Some of the nationwide tournaments involving chess grandmasters have entry fees of $25,000.00 the winners could leave with $850,000.00. This Is Hotel Brooks Back In The Day. It's All Been Restored After A Bad Fire.

Smaller tournaments like in Brattleboro, Vermont can range $80.00 to enter and the winners go home with close to a thousand dollars. That works for me, I'm not running for president. I'm not a grandmaster either. Both of these are powerful positions.  

In any case, I'm happening upon the Autumn 2015 edition of Vermont Life magazine and it's a good one. I'm reading about the fire and reconstruction of the Hotel Brooks. It's an old historic building in downtown Brattleboro. It's really quite something or, a "miracle on Main Street."

They even have an interesting restaraunt with an even more interesting menu. It's called Duo

For example: They have grilled octopus which is oyster mushrooms/roasted turnip salad/tarragon aioli/quinoa crackers for $12.00.

Another one is charred eggplant which is black garlic glaze/tahini/greens/yellow tomato/vinaigrette/grilled vegetable salsa. $20.00.

All I can say to all of this is that life in Vermont must be and taste very good!!!