Carly Fiorina-No Show.

Today (Saturday) I went to the dedication of the Ray Burton museum at the Bath Historical Society.

I'm doing a separate blog just about this but I went to this dedication for two reason(s). First was to honor the late and great Ray Burton and second to see a presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina that was scheduled to appear at this event.

Fiorina was a no show. Carly Fiorina No Show.

I'm really questioning this. In today's world with e-mail, text messaging and even twitter update why isn't that even if Fiorina couldn't attend she could have at least sent word that she wasn't coming. Another idea would have possibly sent a staffer or supporter in her place.

There is more to being a presidential candidate than giving a debate speech or responding to Donald Trump. I think reflects badly on the Carly Fiorina campaign and demonstrates a lack of commincation and leadership.

Is this what we want for the next President?