Ray Burton Museum Dedication.

So today (Saturday) I went to the dedication of the Ray Burton museum at the Bath Historical Society.

I'm going to term it a 'political event' but it really wasn't this, it's probably hard to support this statement since the place was filled with politicians!!!

It was a really good commeration of the life, hard work of a dedicated public servant whose legacy will always be remembered in Executive Council District #1 but all of New Hampshire. I'm not going to go into alot of details of the actual museum, I'd encourage you to visit it. It's almost right next to the Bath Brick Store: "America's Oldest Continuing Operating Village Store." (or close to this); which is directly off U.S. Route 302 in Bath, N.H.

So all the politicians had to give a speech, and I had to work to not be critical at the complete lack of substance here, but this after all a dedication not a dissertation. And it started off with Gov. Hassan who recounted this and that and I'm wondering if the audience is considering that New Hampshire has no state budget right now because Gov. Hassan vetoed it.

But let's move on. And it didn't get much better.Gov. Hassan Spoke At This Dedication. I'm Wondering If People Realize That We Don't Have A State Budget.

Rep. Annie Kuster got up and told some stupid story about a cake that was delivered to Tom Rath's house in upscale, snobby Newfound Lake,-- all the things Ray Burton did for his district, his consituants, and actually the Second Congressional District, and this is the best Rep. Kuster can come up with??? I think someone should deliver a white cake with chocolate frosting to Rep. Kuster and throw it in her face!

Sen. Shaheen couldn't make it, but had a video message playing in the museum itself. I don't think anyone bothered to turn the volume up if they wanted to watch it anyway. I certainly didn't.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte did the best of all the speakers but no where near the quality she did at Ray Burton's memorial at PSU which I also attended. Some of the same anecdotal material was there--especially about getting things done in Washington! And no one in District One is ever forgotten! I was sitting next to a reporter from NHPR, I asked him if he knew Councilor Burton, he said he didn't he was there to get a response from Sen. Ayotte about the Eversource Northern Pass Project.

The reporter then asked me if I knew Councilor Burton, "Yes I do" I said and quickly recounted how I'd met him in 1987, and stated as driver for his office soon after. We would start at the Burton farm at 0630 and travel hundreds of miles throughout District #1 finishing up at 2130 that same night. "Ray was working for his constituents the whole time." I said.

And he did.