Next Process Forward.

I'm just reading through the press release of Sen. Charles Morse relative to the Eversource "Northern Pass" proposal and it's revised plan to bury more of the original transmission line(s) than what was originally proposed.

"New Hampshire faces a major energy challenge that is putting a drag on our economy."- Sen. Charles Morse.Does New Hampshire Really Face: A 'Major Energy Challenge'?

It would interesting to see what kind of evidence exists that can support a statement like this. It's true that the granite state does need access to energy, but whether this is a "major energy challenge." I really question the very idea of this.

For example, New Hampshire has numerous untapped energy sources including: wood chip to energy, limited local hydro, natural gas and the possibility of working with nearby states like Maine and Vermont on projects to lower energy costs and create and retain needed jobs and taxbase.

Recently, I was asked if I supported the "Northern Pass" (as proposed); I do not as the asthetic reasons that have already been stated. However, I do think Eversource has invested alot of time, money and analysis into this project some of which, likely hasn't been released to the public, that would shed new light into this issue.