Bernies Bucket Brigade.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was up here in the North Country yesterday.

It was a sell-out crowd and I mean sell-out. The Littleton Opera House was at capacity and hallways all full and most of the parking area adjacent to this former town hall were filled with people.

I'd say that the Sen. from Vermont has some supporters. From what I'm reading and hearing this qualifies as probably the most popular presidential candidate "in a generation." The Caledonian Record newspaper is publishing some of Sander's ideas about changes he would make "for America." 

-Free Healhcare For All. Speech To A Sell-Out Crowd In Littleton.

-Free College For All.

-Tax Assessment On "Stock Market Speculation."

Guess socialism is growing in popularity at least in this area of the presidential cycle. I remember when Steve Forbes had a campaign event at this same Opera House. About 35 people showed up. Forbes appeared like he was "bored to death" and answered questions like he was bored. Not once did I ever hear Forbes thank anyone for showing up to this event or even what he (Forbes) would do to make things better in this country. Late Entry: The Flat Tax yes, Steve Forbes did say something about the flat tax.

Different campaigns. Different strategies.

I'd say Sen. Sanders is going to do a bit better than Steve Forbes.