By All Means Necessary.

Thanks to the N.H. Interlibrary Loan System and Dartmouth I've picked up a really interesting book, "By All Means Necessary." by Elizabeth C. Economy and Michael Levy.

There are lots out there about foreign policy and after some time they are basically all the same: U.S. stance and reaction to the events of the day, whether this is Tianmen Square or an incident of mass killings in Serbia. Of course this list has to continue on, and gets more complicated, like the Middle East and the growing influence of China on the world stage. By All Means Necessary. Cut From A Different Cloth Than Alot Of Books.

I've just started this book, but it's focus is China and unlike some of the other foreign policy paste books that are out there this book seems to be cut from a different sort of cloth. For example, instead of just looking at a situation and describing the response to it the author(s) are looking at some reasoning as to why things are happening. And the root cause of these things are happening, and the response, is based on important issues like commodity and currency prices.

Yet another example, what is the Chinese foreign policy stance if the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI) spikes to $135.50 a barrel. Do they respond, and perhaps blame the United States for this situation or merely attempt to deal with this challenging situation?

Is this proactive or reactive or a combination of both?