Recession In Canada Affects NH.

One of the things I've never done is go to Canada by way of New Hampshire.

When I go the easiest way is to go up I-91 in Vermont up to Newport, Derby and then the Canadian Entry Station. New Hampshire has a crossing station on the U.S. side which is up in the far reaches of Coos County, like I've said, never crossed here.  There Aren't Many Chinese Pandas In Canada. CNBC Is Stating 'Recession' I'd question this.

Canada is not only a neighbor to New Hampshire but it's an important trading partner as well. In any case I'm looking at CNBC and some of the financial information about the economy in Canada. Guess the authorities are now labeling this 'a recession' with all the parameters of a recession: anemic economic growth, a sinking Canadian dollar and impacts to the sale of produced commodities namely crude oil.

I go to Montreal now an again and regradless of the economic conditions this city always seems vibrant, alive, proactive and prosperous. But being in one city certainly isn't the reality of an entire country.

Even a socialist one.