It Will Hold.

This is a political prediction blog. Prediction: State Budget Veto Holds. NHGOP Needs To Do A Better Job At Finding Alternatives.

There is a certain amt. of reporting and statement(s) being made about the state budget and a possible override of the Gov. Hassan veto of it when the legislature has a vote next week.

For example, declared gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu is calling for an override (see press release), guess in his view an entire state budget veto needs to be overridden due to some unhappy home health care providers. Other political sources are doing basically the same thing: the Republicans have a good plan that takes care of everything and Gov. Hassan vetoed it.

This just does not work.

I don't support Gov. Hassan and a vast majority of what she does in this important office but if this is the best the Republicans in this state can come up with then this veto will hold. I could go into what will happen next, especially next winter when things like duct tape and concertina wire will be used to hold things together, but I won't.

As far as I can see the Republican Party in NH is blowing it. If candidate Sununu were really serious about what he is saying then he would have proposed a state budget that he crafted as an alternative--if you notice he didn't do this. It's the same thing for the state republican party including Chariman Jennifer Horn. Instead of issuing press releases about Gov. Hassan's position on the "Iran Deal." (which really isn't important because New Hampshire has a Congressional Delegation), the NHGOP should be focusing on exactly why this veto should be overridden and more importantly, how this benefits the citizens of New Hampshire.