Sen. Ayotte Is Flawed.

So today I'm reading, and re-reading and trying to understand Sen. Kelly Ayotte argument for voting against the proposed "Iran Deal."

It appears in the Union Leader 9/10/2015 on page A7.

I'm trying to work through this and I'm just not finding her substance if there is any. She talks about issues like sanctions and nuclear weapons but then a paragraph really jumped out: "Tehran will receive a windfall of billions of dollars that will help it build it's military, threaten the U.S. and our allies, and bankroll it's terrorist proxies."- Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

My Question: Exactly how would Iran do this? Sen. Ayotte Says Iran will get a windfall of money. Do the facts support this statement?

Sen. Ayotte does not state where this windfall of billions of dollars comes from. I'm assuming that she is talking about the sale of crude oil and natural gas to global based markets. It would be interesting to see if Sen. Ayotte can substantiate this statement. Crude oil is currently trading at $45.18 a barrel and natural gas is at 2.702 both on the NYMEX--both of these commodities are not only down by as much as 30%, but global consumer demand is also down and this isn't including the increased technological production performance of drilling rigs across the world. Some analysts are saying that we now live: "in a world where oil could go to $32.00 a barrel, if not lower." Iran itself recently put out a request for proposal to sell some 260,000 barrels a day and there were no takers.  


This makes sense nobody wants to buy something when the price is declining rapidly, they might also be able to get it for next to nothing! So what is Sen. Ayotte really saying here? I'm thinking that if the price of oil goes to $32.00 a barrel (or lower) Iran might actually have to pay global sources like the U.S. to have oil delivered to it.

So I kept reading and re-reading for some reason when she talks about "advanced centerfuges" I'm reminded of Secretary Colin Powell's speech before the UN about Iraqi "centerfuges" he talked about this in great detail including how they could be transported. Were these same centrifuges ever located?

Sen. Ayotte says this Iran deal is "fundamentially flawed."