Vermont Vibes

One of the advantages to living in northern New Hampshire is the proximity to different environments. This meaning that in under an hour I can be in places like Vermont, eastern Canada and even near the border if not across with Maine.

These are different places than New Hampshire.

In any case yesterday I went over to Vermont to St. Johnsbury it's right over the Connecticut River and is similar in size to Littleton, N.H. But it's politics is different, alot different.

Right on the main street, across from the train station which was my destination is an awesome small breakfast place called Anthony's Diner. Guess it's been around forever. This isn't a blog about it's food which is beyond awesome, but upon the political conversation(s) that I've heard there.

And on this day....

Senator Bernie Sanders is the rage and his growing popularity is a forerunner of what is to come that the democrats are going to pick up some major wins in this next election cycle including the White House.

Okay. I'm not one to argue while eating a "Vermonter" omelette with two types of cheese Swiss and Asiago. But it would be interesting to see how this might happen amongst the breakfast banter.

"Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina will never break out of the single digits." One man said, "And even if they do their real records and backgrounds will emerge and this will be enough to kill their campaigns." he quickly followed through. I'm still listening to this as I'm reading a newspaper, based in Burlington that is similar to the Hippo in New Hampshire. It's filled with all sorts of things associated with socialism: free heath care, low income housing offers, education, etc. And I know from experience that the Vermont Congressional Delegation including Sen. Bernie Sanders have been successful in "bringing home the bacon." for this small state.

I've also read that Vermont, per capita, has more of it's citizens on social welfare programmes than any other state in the union including Mississippi and Alabama.