Power To Remain.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has withdrawn from the presidential race. I'm not an analyst but from what I've seen of his strategy, believed his capital strategy of Iowa focus--given the crowded GOP field was very good considering what I've just said.

Namely, competition for one market space and there is only one.

Running a political campaign is significant. In reality it's a small to medium sized corporation with all the same requirements of keeping both an income statement and balance sheet, in addition to winning the race in a political minefield. Quite frankly, I think it's much harder than running a business for the simple reason that the volatility in politics is involved and this alone can't be hedged, managed or even calculated. Gov. Perry deserves alot of credit for at least recognizing reality and saving other, more viable candidates from running capital expense in a hotly contested primary.

So my question to you NHInsiders is Gov. Rick Perry is the number one withdrawal who is #2?

I'll advance my own prediction right now. It's Sen. Rand Paul.My Prediction: Sen. Rand Paul Is A Candidate To Leave The GOP Race.

Yesterday, I received a political mailing from his father, it's one of those wonderful political proses filled with urge you support and they aren't my friends and they aren't yours followed by: money contributions for the campaign $$$ of course!!!!!

I had trouble reading the rest of the glossy sheets, especially since it wasn't written by Rand himself including an explanation about why HE is running for President of The United States and not an endorsement by his father with many themes linked to Libertea.

Were here in New Hampshire Sen. Rand Paul. This is retail politics at it's best. Your campaign needs to do better. If it can't then leave the race.