Rep. Guinta Roadblock.

From a press release that appears on this very site.

"The Obama Administration has entered into a unilateral agreement with Iran without Congress' assent or support of the American people, who overwhelmingly reject it, based on the limited information we have."-Rep. Frank Guinta.

This is an interesting statement to be making in the First Congressional District of New Hampshire.

It would be interesting for the (I'd term) information challenged member of Congress to produce either research or direct evidence of how the 'American people'or even his own consituants support or reject this: "Iran Deal."

I've tried to contact his office about presidential agreements and negotiation(s) on various foreign trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and how these will directly impact all aspects of life in New Hampshire. Each time I get the same type of response, "this is what the administration is doing, thanks for contacting my office."

I wonder how much time Rep. Guinta, or even his staff spent researching this "Iran Deal" before writing this press release: "based on the limited information we have." It does seem like he is genuinely concerned about it.

I'm researching this deal on my own and finding all kinds of information. For example this UTUBE video interviewing the former president of Iran. I think it gives some good insight into the relationship with the United States, Iran and ultimately the world and serves as a decisive reason as to why it should be considered.

I think Rep. Guinta is doing nothing more than setting up roadblocks on the basis of what? I'm not even going to try and speculate as to what his reasoning might be. Some political sources in New Hampshire are stating that he faces a tough re-election prospect, with press releases like this one it isn't difficult to see why.