Judging The Indicators.

Political polls are only one indicator of the success or failure of a candidate. Especially true here in retail politics New Hampshire. I don't think one local newspaper even bothers to print political polls regardless of the source. But I could be wrong.

Right now I'm looking at Real Clear Politics and their latest political poll. I'm only listing the top seven.

Trump  29.8%

Carson 16.0%

Bush     8.3%

Cruz     7.0%

Rubio    5.5%

Fiorina   5.0%

Walker   4.8%

Once the power of media ad buys comes in effect, I think this will push Bush, Cruz and Rubio into striking distance of the 29.8%. It's still very early in the process.

A missing name from the entire poll including single digits, like 1%is former NY Gov. George Pataki.

Everyone has their own reason(s) for voting for a candidate, but I'm finding it interesting that poll after poll states that "Americans do not like how the country and the economy is going." And these same polls are usually between 64-77%. A majority.

Of all the candidates Gov. George Pataki is the only one that can demonstrate leadership and experience in areas like job creation and economic development, yet, he isn't even hitting the board in poll results?