Dead Cat Bounce.

This is more or less a continuation blog from the current statistics presented on Real Clear Politics. And more specifically the candidacy of New York Gov. George Pataki.

A candidacy that according to this analyis isn't even hitting the board in electoral popularity. Not even one percent.

Political strategy time?Accomplished Alot As NY Governor. Not Selling Too Well With Voters. Dead Cat Bounce Needed.

If you've ever been to the Niagara Falls region of New York you've likely seen the Seneca Niagara Casino which is a new, modern casino that was constructed I understand under the aegis of "Empire Zones." Which is a iniative advanced by then Gov. Pataki to create jobs.

These are real jobs and real progress.

How many jobs and taxbase has the Donald created? One of his latest comments is about "entertainablity" which is certainly true, I'm sure voters like to be entertained even the ones that are unemployed.

Former Gov. Rick Perry recently took the high road and suspended his presidential aspirations, I'm sure his numbers were on the board. But like I've said before running a presidential campaign is an undertaking from many directions. Inasmuch as Gov. Pataki accomplished during his term as Governor of New York I'd question whether his campaign can make a dead cat bounce and really get into the mainsteam voter market.

So the question becomes why does he remain in the race and for how long?