To Kill A Political Pet.

There is alot to dislike about the performance of both houses of the NH General Court. Attend any budget hearing and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.

But one of the quality things the budget writer(s) did this last session was to remove $4.0 million dollars for the NH Rail Transit Authority. This is an expenditure that leads to another expenditure and a massive amount of spending that New Hampshire can't afford. And it does not matter whether passenger rail service between Boston and New Hampshire is even viable, this is a financial argument that New Hampshire can't afford this idea.

Let's move on.An Expensive Illusion For New Hampshire. The NH Rail Transit Authority.

One of the things that I'd like to see happen is that the NH Rail Transit Authority and it's grandiose ideas are professionally shelved vis a vis killed.

They (NHRTA) keep having meetings, issuing press releases and positioning to find a way to make this expensive idea happen. But somehow I think it would be difficult to convince a legislator from the North Country to either file an LSR or even lobby to dissolve the NHRTA. It just isn't a front burner item up here, it just isn't.

But this is still a political pet that needs to be killed.