Kamakazi Pilots.

There isn't much change (overnight) from Real Clear Politics candidate Trump is statistically ahead in polling in National, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Right now I'm still looking at candidates that are struggling in the 1% or single digits tier and there are a few. Louisiana Bobby Jindal comes to mind. I don't know why but everytime I hear the word Louisiana I associate it with the Webster's Dictionary definition of the word corruption.

Perhaps in a post Katrina world all this has changed. But I don't think so!

Let's move on....A Last Desperate Attempt To Change The Outcome. It Will Not Work For The GOP Just Like The Japanese Empire.

Judging by the direction and tone of Gov. Jindal's press releases I'm guessing that he has now transformed his political campaign into that of a kamakazi pilot. With any real hopes of victory completely gone, he'll crash his plane, with great honor, into the deck of the invading armada as last one great fireball that could alter the consequences and change the course of the victory.

In this case, crash into the Donald Trump armada somehow blow up his double digit lead and then Jeb! Bush becomes the candidate-- and this would be better than what is in the offing right now, a Donald Trump victory. Except with history as a guide, this can't work. In Japan (1945) the war is lost and the kamakazi pilots and their honor did nothing but to bring more serverity down on their own country. Even if they had been successful Japan would have had to surrender unconditionally to the Soviet Union, a fate far, far worse than what they recieved from the United States. And had Japan not resisted so ferociously at the end of the war, they might have spared themselves from the use of atomic weapons. But the Japanese emperor wasn't interested in negotiations.

I don't think Gov. Jindal and some strategists at the GOP are interested eithier.