Debate Kanechewa.

So last night through a bad internet connection I attempted to watch both debates on CNN. This first one answered, if nothing else, a strategic question: at least four GOP candidates can be "written off." They also revealed why their poll ratings are in the drainage ditch beside the country road.

"The idea of America is slipping away, planned parenthood is selling baby parts." said Gov. Bobby Jindal right after crashing his kamikaze zero into the Donald Trump armada at the start of the show. And a show it was.

Obviously, Gov. Jindal hasn't studied history, or, has any real understanding of economic conditions in the United States of America. If this were the 1920-1930s with raging unemployment and a devastating stock market crash--there might be some substance to what he is saying. Jindal might have talked about the value of the U.S. dollar, he might have compared this to the Chinese yuan. He didn't. I'm not at all sure, as a voter how he would "Rescue the idea of America."

And it didn't get much better than this.Four GOP Candidates Are Basically Kamakazi Pilots Now.

If there was/is any doubt that Sen. Rick Santorum is a RINO is could be answered here, he actually made a comparison to Kim Davis and Martin Luther King. Then he spent the rest of his time thrashing around, unexplaining ideas that have no conclusion anyways. Sen. Lindsay Graham actually called him on this at least twice, which was the high water mark for this early debate.

As for the fourth, Gov. George Pataki. All I can use to describe his performance is "old school" I'm actually really disapointed in the former Governor of New York. This is the 21st century with complex issues; his ideas of solving problems don't involve understanding the problem, or even considering options, instead he proposes to: "get rid of the problem" or "relocate the problem." There is enough of this in Washington already.