Making Hay From Raw Hash.

This will be a speculation and strategy blog.

The Federal Reserve has just made it's announcement. No rate increase. I thought for sure an increase was coming and definately needed, the deficit is apparent the economy is what it is and responsible fiscal policy would be raise interest rates and increase the value of the U.S. dollar. Not only for domestic reasons, but for the international community as well. It isn't to be. I'm writing this and the mexican peso is up 360 for the day. From 59 to just over 60 cents.

Let's move on.

The state budget has now passed so, the political question now becomes: what comes next?

I say there is plenty of fresh hay to be made from nothing more than raw hash. This meaning the race for the U.S. Senate which has been anticipated for some time, if not the whole time Gov. Maggie Hassan has been Governor.

I've been seeing alot of photos of Sen. Kelly Ayotte in the local newspapers recently, and she does seem out of place which I'm in agreement with her critics: she is spending time in New Hampshire now because "elections are coming" but her real place is within the privilege confines of the D.C. establishment or giving interviews on Fox News.The Next Election Will Be Interesting. Hopefully Performance And Facts See The Light Of Day.

I'd question what Sen. Ayotte has "brought back"to New Hampshire similar to what other U.S. Senators have done? I can't name anything here in the North County. I remember when Sen. Sununu made the commitment to support the redevelopment of Claremont. He opened an office there which turned out to be very uplifiting for the whole Connecticut River valley.

Has Sen. Kelly Ayotte done anything like this?

Just one example.  

I've written recently about the recently passed "Iran Deal"including a critical response to Sen. Ayotte's position on this. This was an opportunity for the entire Republican Party including Sen. Ayotte to come up with an alternative if the administration was failing with it's policy position. They didn't do this instead it's more of the same.....

This next election for U.S. Senate is going to be interesting, and I don't care if Gov. Maggie Hassan is the opponent or not. The voters deserve to hear from a candidate that is doing something for New Hampshire as other U.S. Senators have done.

I hope the political facts come out into the light.