Following The Real Action.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Lancaster Fair. I'm psyched about this. Each year I like to go to see the draft horse pulling and how this is run. It's also interesting to see the different training styles employed to get the horses to pull these large rocks. I'll be writing more on this tomorrow night....

In any I'm also spending alot of time following some 'real action'which is Canadian politics. And especially, the upcoming elections on October 18th. I'm getting more and more information. Just last night I was listening to cnbc and they were talking about "whether Canada is in a recession." I think the value of the Canadian dollar really says alot in this whole discussion. But economists and politicians have different ways of looking at things.

Let's move on.Founded in 1935. The Canadian Wheat Board was sold 50.1% to Financial Interests In The United States and Saudi Arabia.

I'm also researching about the 2014 sale of the Canadian Wheat Board to U.S./Saudi Arabia financial interests. The Canadian Wheat Board was formed in 1935 by the Canadian Government with a protected monopoly over all Canadian farmers. Things are changing in Canada.

This is both good and bad, and the election(s) on October 18th will have some real strategic significance. And this will affect New Hampshire, at least somewhat, they are our neighbors.

And no we do not need to build a fence between New Hampshire and Canada. Send Gov. Scott Walker back to Wisconsin.