Hosmer Hears A Who

State Senator Andrew Hosmer has some interesting paragraphs in the Union Leader, either today or yesterday.

He talks about the state budget being held up by political financing efforts by the Koch Brothers. Is this absurd or what. The state budget and it's continuing resolution are being "held up"because of the corner office and the failure of Gov. Hassan to do the job that she was elected to do.

It would be interesting to see if Sen. Hosmer can produce audited financial statements or even copies of checks payable to sources in New Hampshire that are supposedly used to hold up the state budget process.

I think this story gets even more interesting.... Sen. Hosmer makes an arguement against the Koch Brothers. I'd question whether this is supportable.

Also, I read somewhere might have been in the Concord Monitor that Sen. Hosmer is on a "short list"to be considered to run for Governor in the event that Gov. Hassan moves on to bigger and better things. I'm surprised Sen. Hosmer isn't touting the "innovation economy" and how successful it's been in New Hampshire.

But I will say this. At least the state Democratic Party is considering if not positioning for the next elections. Running for Governor requires alot of long-term strategy and financing. So at least they ( NH Democratic Party) should be given some credit for at least creating this "short list" of possible candidates.

What is the NH GOP doing?  What Is The NH GOP Doing?