Chinese Maple Syrup.

It's a slow blog day but I saw a headline that made me think about something that could happen in New Hampshire.

And if it did happen what would happen?

This week in Des Moines, Iowa a Chinese trade delegation is going to be signing an agreement to purchase three million tons of soybeans from U.S. farmers. From what I understand China has a policy of stockpiling different grains such as soybeans. This news is significant due to the fact that it's from China and, as reported, the purchase is from the United States and not Brazil with has a currency that is almost at the bottom of the ocean. So, the Chinese are buying more expensive grain from the U.S.

Here is what I'm wondering. What would happen if an announcement were to be made that the Chinese were going to purchase three million gallons of N.H. maple syrup? That's alot of maple syrup.

Would individuals in New Hampshire be concerned about a possible sale like this?If China Were To Suddenly Purchase A Massive Amt. Of This Would This Be Cause For Concern?

I'm guessing that the answer to this question would be no.

I don't think they make maple syrup in Brazil.