Reverse History Taxation.

It's interesting how history can and does repeat itself.

I'm reading through the list of Legislative Service Requests (LSR) for the upcoming or next legislative session. There is a good amt. of proposed bills filed, as always, there must be a number of things wrong in New Hampshire that need to be corrected.

A quick history item. At one point Killington, Vermont tried to succeed from Vermont and join New Hampshire. And the reason was: taxation. Killington is a heavily tourist/resort area and was collecting an "assessment on hotel and motel room rentals." But unfortunately, the power structure in the state capitol was keeping most of the money instead of returning it to it's source. As interesting as it was the succession attempt failed, and I later learned that the very threat of it was enough for state officials to return the tax revenue to Killington. I once rented a room in Mendon, Vermont which is close to Killington they hit me with a $3.80 "local assessment" plus a .50 cent "phone fee"and I never used the phone!  All taxation is regressive especially if it is directed at the very revenue source that sustains the region i.e. a tourist economy!Killington Wanted To Succede And Join NH Over Taxation.

Let's move on....Taxation Is Regressive. Interesting Idea For Killington To Join NH.

Here in New Hampshire a "rooms and meals" tax is charged and taxed statewide. Local towns and resort areas are not allowed to assess their own taxes but according to one LSR that has been filed this might be changing.

Rep. Laura Pantelakos, Rockingham District #25 is proposing legislation "allowing towns and cities to establishand collect an assessment on hotel and motel room rentals." The LSR doesn't say what this assessment might involve and more importantly, doesn't say where the funds would go.

This bill should be found ITL or just withdrawn.