Tsunami Waves.

This is another speculation and strategy blog.

Of course there is alot of political speculation about whether the innovative Governor Maggie Hassan will run for the U.S. Senate. It's getting to the point now that candle pin bowling will happen if she says yes to a run which, I happen to believe will happen "sooner rather than later."

Enter surfing.Part of Surfing Is Skill. Part of Surfing Is Just Riding The Right Wave In.

Part of this U.S. Senate race will be political skill by both of the candidates. I'd say this would be about an even match in terms of experience with plus/-minus for both candidates in terms of progress, accomplishment in office and response to the issues. Again I'm speculating that this would roughly and even match.

So where is the decisive strategy point.

To whichever candidate can create enough of a "surfable" wave and ride it into victory. Of course both political parties will try and aggregate their blocks of votes but in New Hampshire there are a heck of alot of independent and undeclared voters sitting in various pools across the state.

Riding the big wave.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, according to her latest ads is attempting to portray herself "as a different kind of leader." Selling to an independent base of voters. I think this statement is completely indefined, but it may be successful. Meanwhile, assuming Gov. Hassan enters, she will have the ability to simply portray herself, especially with the state budget now being passed.

Again, I think this is a very even match up. It will be interesting to watch including some pretty good sized waves.