Flex Time Fallacy

This is a blog that will likely be more like a rant but this is my thinking:

In a press release that appears on this very board. Sen. Kelly Ayotte through he husband offers up some pretty big, unsubstantiated 'talking points' about what his wife is doing to make our lives better.

"She's empowering employer's to offer Flex time as part of their benefits package."

Empowering. This is a big word here.

Name one company in New Hampshire that is actually increasing it's benefits package, instead of decreasing them. Name one.

This press release is so full of swiss cheese holes that it is almost laughable, it would be if it weren't for the significance of a U.S. Senator. Every company in New Hampshire is facing huge challenges in providing benefits for their employees. Many can't afford to offer benefits at all. More recently, even county and local government have seen cost increases in their benefits--which are ultimately passed on to the taxpayer.

So what exactly does Sen. Kelly Ayotte have in mind, by creating "Flex Time" many companies already facing slim profit margins to begin can't afford to cut anymore productive hours to offer more benefits, which is what flex time really is.

I'm starting to believe Sen. Kelly Ayotte is another out of touch beltway politician that is running for re-election.