Closer To The Race.

I'm looking at the GOP poll statistics on Real Clear Politics. I expected to see some changes namely, a Fiorina uptick and increased percentages for Sen. Marco Rubio but this clearly isn't what I expected:

Trump     29.5

Carson    14.5

Kaisch     10.3RCP Polling Data. #3 Position In New Hampshire.

Fiorina      8.0

Bush         7.5

Cruz          5.8

Paul          4.8  


Now considering the bold number(s). This is good for Fiorina, now in the race and some margin to build strategy such as fundraising and field organization. At this point the #3 spot I'd say is very coveted. Make the two top contenders expend their financial resources to stay there.

Kaisch is in "striking distance" for the #2 spot. My question is how important is it to his campaign to invest in the NH Primary to move up into #1 or #2?

I don't this poll (as reliable as it might be) is good news for the Bush campaign. They have already invested capital into ad buys in the granite state and they have good established ground operations that other candidates can't match. I'll leave this thought with a question, if more GOP candidates drop out of the race does this improve or damage the Bush campaign?  

It's a 15 point spread between Trump and Carson.