History Is Gone.

I'm a proponent of global based trade, at least the idea of it.

If it is possible to build something in New Hampshire and sell it all over this world then this is very good. This would include importing materials from distant lands into New Hampshire. What I don't like is how the politicians in Washington, D.C. and Concord continually seem "to get it wrong." when so much can be done to support the many.

Let's move on.

Yesterday, I read in the Caledonian Record newspaper one of the unfortunate consequences of global based trade. The Ginque Farm in Waterford, Vermont is right over the NH border from Littleton,NH This is a farm that has some 400 acres in constant production including some 500 head of dairy cows. This farm has been in constant operation as a dairy farm since the late 1700s. The late 1700s. That is at least 225 years or in that vicinity.Dairy Farming Since The Late 1700s. Gone.


The Ginque Farm dairy operation is no more. It's been shut down and the cows shipped off to Ohio. Several reason(s) were given for this. A dairy farmer can't survive or grow at $10.00 per hundredweight which is the gallon equivalent for milk production. The European Union has also lifted quotas meaning it's harder for U.S. producers to sell dairy products in the EU.

So a dairy farm that has been in operation since the late 1700s is now gone.

I'm not going to play the blame game on this blog but something is clearly wrong here. Milk is something that we all use and dairy farm are obviously part of the natural landscape. But is seems to me innovative NH Governor Hassan and even lawyer turned politician VT Gov. Shumlin are basically, at best, indifferent to issues like a 1700 era dairy farm going out of business, including what this does to the local community. 

I'm confident Gov. Maggie Hassan is moving on to "bigger and better things" by running for U.S. Senate and I'm understanding that Gov. Shumlin isn't seeking re-election. Hopefully the next elections will produce some new and needed leadership for both of these states.