Representative NH Government.

This is a link to the current list of Legislative Service Requests (LSR). It's going to be one busy session come January.

I did read it quickly, but it is representative government at it best. And there is lots in this list.

I'm not going into huge detail here-- I didn't see either a sales or income tax bill or anything related to "expanded casino gaming."I did scroll however, on the quick side. Every session there are license plate bills this one is no exception. The state rep. from my district Rep. Linda Massimilla filed one, believe it has to do with friends of "animals."  Guess we need animals on our NH license plates, if this passes I'll get some Holstein dairy cows on my plates, in honor, commeration and sadness that Vermont dairy cows from nearby Waterford, Vermont were shipped off to Ohio.

Let's move on...Animals On NH License Plates? If this passes I'll get some Holstein cows.

I'm scrolling down the list. Lot's of micromangement proposed for NH state government, isn't there always?

One bill wants to encourage the Executive Council to have a prayer before meeting. At least two bills want to impeach the Governor and Executive Council. Another bill wants to test law enforcement officers for steroid use. I'm scrolling on at least two bills want alter state processes like driveway and septic design and the qualifications of 'supervisors.' There are probably thousands of real precedents why this shouldn't be done--but I guess we need it now. Rep. Norman Major wants to implement some type of "road fee" whatever this could be, a tax or a limping duck, I'm guessing the later.

There is more in this list Happy Reading!