Finding Humanity.

Yesterday I was over at my favorite breakfast place in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. There wasn't any political conversation on this morning. In any case right next to the newspapers were some flyers from the Vermont Humanities Council. They have alot of interesting upcoming lectures around the state and I found one of them that I'll be going to.

This one is sponsored by the Vermont Council on World Affairs, New Hampshire will be offering it to through their Council on World Affairs. On October 5th there will be a Town Hall type of meeting via live video about China. It looks very interesting and features former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin. China is one of those subjects of great importance and dimension-- but there is too much commentary, especially from the Ad financed news media. I'm thinking that this one might cut through some of the clutter and offer an explanation about what is happening in China and what will happen next. Both NH and Vermont Council on World Affairs Are Offering A Lecture About China. Secretary Rubin Will Be One Of The Speakers.

I'm going over to Northfield, Vermont which is about 15 miles south of Montpelier which is closer for me than going down to UNH which I think of the site of the New Hampshire session.