Canadian Election Update.

October 19th is fast approaching. This is the date of the elections in Canada and how the next Prime Minister is selected. It takes some getting used to that there is no separation of powers in Canada it's all one government.

I've been following the race inasmuch as it's possible. And from what I'm able to gather this essentially a race between incumbent conservative Stephen Harper facing two opponents namely, Thomas Mulcair, New Democratic Party and Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party. For some possible ideas as to what may happen on October 19th I looked at the results of the last election:

Candidate                Political Party         #Parlament Seats         Percentage.

Stephen Harper       Conservative           166                              39.62%

Thomas Mulcair        New Democratic       103                              30.63%

Justin Trudeau         Liberal                       34                               18.91%

Gilles Duceppe         Bloc Quebecois           4                                  6.04%

Elizabeth May          Green                          1                                 3.91%

From what I'm understanding is that Justin Trudeau is campaigning hard in the western part of Canada to pick up more seats in this region than what happened last time. Meanwhile, the incumbent Prime Minister has been:"campaigning from inside a vaccumn."Basically, he has his talking points and only allows 2-3 controlled questions from the news media. Mulcair gives great speeches and press conferences; both critical of the incumbent and his own version and ideas: "for moving Canada forward."I'd vote for Mulcair simply because of how he is running his campaign--to convince the voters as to why he is the best person for the job!!!! 

I'm looking at some poll statistics now from various regions like Ontario which is strategic to this election. Hopefully, I'll have time to post these later on.