Common Sense Of What.

I'm finding New Hampshire politics to be very discouraging these days. In everything from the recently passsed state budget (nearly identical to proposed), to the current list of Legislative Service Requests (LSR); to the political campaigns themselves and what they say they are doing and will do for New Hampshire.

I'm spending some time in places like Vermont and Canada, and it doesn't take much time to see that things are happening, of course politics is involved and there is a degree of: "give and take" but things are happening. What is happening in New Hampshire?

Sen. Kelly Ayotte is ramping up her campaign for re-election at first the campaign motto was: "a different kind of leader." Now, it's "Bringing Common Sense To The Senate." What exactly does this mean?

I'd really like to see some glossy campaign materials with one powerful word.


And then a description and outline about exactly what Sen. Kelly Ayotte has accomplished during six years as United States Senator.