No Communication. It Should Fail.

The source isn't in front of me but I read in a newspaper, might have been from the Lakes Region that the state has"passed over Groveton for an industrial/medical marijuana site."And, that District #1 Executive Councilor Joe Kenney is unhappy about this situation, questions the process and as I recall wants the legislature to do something about this situation.

I'm glad that this application failed.Groveton has been reportedly passed over for a medical majauana site. No communication at the local level. I'm glad it failed.

Northern New Hampshire needs economic development and the creation of employment, especially so with the closure of paper-mills like what existed in Groveton. But this is another one of those cases where there was no communications, those with this ideas didn't share anything--like how many jobs would be created and now their wondering why all this failed.

This isn't rocket science.

I'm confident that the applicants from southern New Hampshire covered everything, probally down to how many increments would be used to scale out the pounds of marajuana. This is what it takes to be successful in any business endeavor. Effective commuication and attention to detail.

I'm also not understanding what Executive Councilor Kenney could be talking about when he wants the legislature to do something. What is the actual translation here: micromanagment?

I'll close this out with another reality: In Coos County alone their are more than enough resources available that could have advanced this application and done it correctly and effectively. And there are numerous resources that could have been tapped. NCIC, North Country Council Inc. and Coos Economic Development Council are just three where were they in all of this?

Who knows...politics is involved.   In the meantime I'm glad this project failed.