Interest In Rail, Part I.

Just returned from an adventure in Vermont. Some politics was involved.

It was my interest in rail that led me to politics in the first place. Guess tonight I learned something about elected officials (politicians) and what they go through on a daily basis:

This can be summed up in two rules.

Rule #1.    An effective elected official must be able to convey the word and the idea "no" and do it effectively, diplomatically and convey effective reasoning as to why the answer to 98.9% of all questions and issues poised has to be the answer "no."

Rule #2  The world is an imperfect place, and more often than not bad ideas, corruption, special interest, manipulation and degenerate people in high financial places are making policy decisions, which are both invisible and impact most of us which leads to the definite reality: nothing can be changed and now refer to Rule #1.

I lost my primary for re-election 17 years ago, so I've been out of politics for a long time. I'd like to say times change but they haven't. The issues are the same but the rules remain. Rules that I've long since forgotten. Rules that like a hard brick hit me in the face tonight.  

I'll be writing more of this in my blog tomorrow.