Interest In Rail, Part II

Vermont is a different state than New Hampshire. For one thing it's more rural but being rural also gives it something New Hampshire does not have.

Greater accessibility.

Members of the Vermont legislature frequently do 'listening sessions" in various locations to listen to the issues of the day. In any case I attended one last night in St. Johnsbury to ask and suggest that the state purchase a railroad line between Vermont and New Hampshire.

And what a learning expereince it was!

In any case most of the night was about Vermont residents expressing their concerns about the growth and spending of state government. Here is an interesting statistic(s) that was revealed. When Gov. Jim Douglas left office there were roughly 7,000 state employees today there are at least 7800. And are services in the state really getting any better?

And it went on. The educational establishment grows stronger by almost the day. Communities and school districts are being told what and where they can spend with their tuition money. It doesn't matter, if the better school at a lower cost might be over here in New Hampshire. The state is now deciding how this money is to be spent.

There were some negative comments about New Hampshire. For example, according to one man, "New Hampshire residents are crossing over the border because they know the welfare benefits are better here." I'm not sure if I agree with this but it was said. There was a comment about All Terrain Vehicles and how New Hampshire allows these to ride on streets in places like Berlin and Gorham. The man said New Hampshire is "raking in money with ATVs." and Vermont should be doing something like this. I'm not sure New Hampshire is "raking in money with ATVs." but it has been good for the tourist economy in Coos County.

I was going to write about my presentation but I'll save this for the next blog: rail proposal derailed.