Rail Proposal Derailed.

It was my interest in rail that lead to NH Politics.

So last night I'm at the historic train station in St. Johnsbury, Vermont attending a "listening session"from two Vermont legislators. Both are excellent and knowledgeable in the legislative process and responding to the issues and questions and there are some, including mine.I went to a Vermont "Listening Session" Last Night. It was a powerful experience.

The Twin State Railroad is an embargoed, not used rail line running from St. Johnsbury, Vermont to Whitefield, N.H. that has sat abandoned and rusting since 1999. Well last night I attempted to at least raise the idea to these two legislators, Rep. Scott Beck and Rep. Jassen Wilhoitt (sic) that Vermont "should purchase this line" as it would lead to "economic development and jobs"in places like Whitefield, Bretton Woods and even the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire.

The expression on their faces was like this: "It is possible to mine blue cheese from the moon, if you can find a way to get to the moon then we'll help you get the cheese."Would the definition of skepticism be even remotely applicable here?

At this point I tried to submit some materials from the 2015 Vermont State Rail Plan that supports what I'm trying to say. They professionally accepted it. Rep. Beck stated and/or asked if I was aware of the condition of the line in question (bad condition), and that the rail plan is more towards the western part of Vermont. I'm aware of both of these items. I tried to suggest that there are always priorities and that the Twin State might not be as important as other rail projects in Vermont, but "shouldn't something at least be attempted?" And I did get an answer to this question.

To Be Continued.....