Rail And Money. Question Answered.

This is a followup blog from, "Rail Proposal Derailed."

So I'm standing at a "listening session" trying to convince two skeptical Vermont legislators of the merit in spending a substantial amt. of money to acquire and re-activate an abandoned and rusting railroad line between St. Johnbury, Vermont and Whitefield, N.H.Rail, Policy And Money. My question was answered.

"Doesn't there come a time to take action." I said after listening to their initial responses.

Rep. Beck responded about Golden Eagle Railway and what he believed was a private company that was interested in purchasing this segment of rail line. Not wanting to get into an arguement, I've been following Golden Eagle Railway for at least five years, this is a company that hasn't done anything except issue press releases. And I'm skeptical that they have any real money to invest in railroad line(s).

"I'll look at your materials." Rep. Beck said. I handed some pages from the 2015 Vermont State Rail Plan. And then he said to the effect, (I don't have the exact quote here).  

"Railroads lose money all over the place, there isn't any reason why they can't come to the northeastern part of Vermont and do it here too."

Question answered.