Dangers In Listening.

There can always be a danger in listening to any politician.

This is one of the best political speeches I've ever heard. It's about the sale of the Canadian Wheat Board and what it could really mean to the farmers across Canada. Of course I listened to the themes and the market freedom that he is talking about. Especially the part about the farmer being arrested for bringing his product down to the U.S. where the prices were higher, "as he needed some money."

Conjured up images of walls like what existed in Europe during the cold war.

But like I said, there can be a danger in listening to any political speech and the ideas that they espouse. This speech is a case in point. It's true that the Canadian Wheat Board had likely become a bureaucratic-oligopoly but it was still there, and functioning, and a well-established guarantee that the farmers in Canada would be paid and served for their efforts in the complex agricultural industry.

And what do the famers have now?

It's interesting that he discusses I Phone quotes and how the farmers can sell to global based markets. This is certainly true, but is it realistic to believe that this can happen? Think about a medium sized farm trying to compete for the same money as the farms in Iowa or even the Ukraine which is reported having a good crop year.

Selling the Canadian Wheat Board was/is a mistake. Perhaps it did need some market based reform, they should have tried this instead of just selling out to interests in the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Be careful for what you wish for and listening to any political speech. The grass isn't greener.