Retail Politics.

To The Editor:

  Unlike other states where politics is about money and organization New Hampshire still affords retail politics and access to the candidates and the issues.

  One of the pivotal races in the North Country will be for Senate District #1, where there is a contested Republican primary between Rep. Leon Rideout of Lancaster against Dorothy McPhaul of Sugar Hill. The winner of this primary will face Sen. Jeff Woodburn in the general election.

  Dorothy McPhaul has taken a decisive role against the Northern Pass proposal to march high voltage towers from Hydro-Quebec down to the Atlantic Ocean. Advocacy is an important role for a state senator. I asked McPhaul about Hitchner Manufacturing in Littleton and the loss of local jobs and taxbase. McPhaul didn't respond. I followed on with asking about "public-private partnerships" and ideas in expanded casino gaming. No response here either.

  Please ask these candidates questions. New Hampshire still affords retail politics. Hopefully, you'll do better at getting responses than I have.