The Politics of Technology.

This won't be the best organized blog but I've got an issue and/or questions of substance:

Back when Craig Benson was governor he supported, and it advanced the creation of a 'Conway Technology Park' on the east side of Conway. I'm not one to deal in rumors but I've heard various things about this 'technolgy park' and what has happened.

Basically, I've heard that the ideas, vision are quality but the concept hasn't "taken off."My interpretation of this is: it isn't moving forward.

This wouldn't be a big deal if this was financed through the private sector but it wasn't. It's another one of those "public-private"partnerships where the federal, state government pony up millions of dollars and build impressive structures that sit mostly empty.

Is there an issue here?

I'd say there is not only an issue but finding about "facts" about the issue is an issue itself. I've tried to find out about the financing of the Conway Technology Park and what it's returns have been to the taxpayers that have invested in it.

All three of the candidates for Senate District #1 have all stated how much they support economic development and creating jobs for the North Country, I'll be asking them questions like the Conway Technology Park. Should be interesting to see where all this leads....