Platinum Is Exotic.

Gold made another $14.00 today to 1155.60 an oz.

Faith in the financial system, faith in politicians and the flight of capital.

Right now I'm wondering at the status of the NH "State of the Union." Hopefully it will be better than when Gov. C. Jeanne Shaheen gave her presentation. It was almost juvenile. It was filled with pie charts that didn't make any sense and on top of that a couple of them kept falling down. It was quite a day.Platinum is an alternative to gold. I wish NH had alternatives to the bad politics here.

Right now I'm looking at platnum and wondering if this will follow the upward course of gold. If platinum had to be defined the word would be: exotic.

Gold is just a metal, a valuable metal and a commodity that has cost thousands of people their lives. Which is why I really don't like gold. Gold never works out even if there is a "flight of capital." Enter the word, desire. This is why it doesn't work out.

I really like platinum. It's a hard core industrial metal that has many practical applications and is a viable substitute for the gold.